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"When I'm around you, I kind of feel like I'm on drugs. Not that I do drugs. Unless you do drugs, in which case I do them all the time. All of them." - Scott Pilgrim
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I'm going to Japan for 2 weeks in May. Still can't decide which camera and lenses to bring.
5dmkII + 24L + 85L
Mamiya 7ii + 43 + 150
Pentacon 6 + 50 + 120
Voigtlander R3A + 15 + 50 1.1

I only decided on the Ricoh GX100 infrared so far. Maybe I should just bring the Voigtlander set and buy a micro 4/3 in Japan? Confusion confusion...
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Any female photographer based in Melbourne interested in collaboration for wedding and portrait shoots? Many best pictures from weddings are taken during the bride's preparation. The bride and bridesmaid usually feel a bit more edgy if there's a male stalking all their moves (or maybe I just look creepy). Anyway, if anybody's interested, send me email or yell on my msn
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Got it last week with salary sacrifice. Still, I feel guilty spending that much just on a camera. It's an unbelievably good camera, I think I won't upgrade my camera ever again until it dies. So its a justified investment. But now I feel other kind of guilt.

I am a believer of that photography is all about the man behind the gun. My faith is shaken now after getting the 5D mk II. It's like the gun is so good, I can just aim it at anything then it will lock the target by itself and fire a heat seeking missile. Scarry
1. jeans that come out of the dryer and are still slightly damp in the pockets
2. getting my finger slammed in the door
3. when i buy a dvd and can't fast forward through the FBI Warning/previews
4. static electricity
5. durians
6. swimming with fishes (I have living fish-phobia. I like eating fish though)
7. summer
8. carrying 70-200 f/2.8
9. okonomiyaki with not enough sauce
10 losing in ebay bid by 5$
11 having a great idea for an invention then discovering it already exists
12 over energetic small dogs
13 grapefruit juice in my eyes
14 white chocolate
15 when i'm looking at real estate online and the only photos are of the neighborhood, not the house
16 frogs
17 recursive loops
18 income tax
19 when i think i've tivo'd a new show only to find out that it's a rerun
20 paper cuts, especially in the joints of my fingers
21 people who likes to forward random emails
22 boarding the plane hours before its ready to take off
23 when i check the mail and there are only bills
24 milk
25 people who takes 1 hour+ to get ready for casual outings
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I removed the internal hot mirror filter and recalibrate the auto focus of my Ricoh GX100. By doing this, I don't need to have long exposure and bring a tripod for IR shoots. If this doesn't make sense, go to for more info.
I use the hood adapter, 43-52mm step up ring, and put on either a 52mm hoya r72 IR filter or red colour filter for more colours. I'm going to order a Tiffen or bw hot mirror filter so I will be able to use the gx100 for taking normal pictures, but no rush at all :D
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I came back to Melbourne couple days ago from Singapore. It's still cold, wet, windy, just the way I like my city to be. I will miss Singapore's hot and ultra-humid weather, NOT.

Anyway, I have been planning to modify my compact camera, Ricoh GX100, for infrared photography for quite some time now. All the tools and filters arrived yesterday so I think we are ready for a showdown.

I uploaded a couple of snapshots of Melbourne I took yesterday. They might be the last photos from my GX100 if the modification goes wrong. Fingers crossed...
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